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Extreme Thinspo's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Extreme Thinspo

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[April 16th, 2012]

Hey ladies,
I'm new to this community and wanted to introduce myself. My name is April and I am 24 years old. i have been struggling with getting my weight back down to where it used to be. I need a lot of support and help from my lovely girls to help me get back to the girl I used to be. I got down to 97 lbs size 00 2 years ago... but then I had a couple pregnancies... and now I'm a balloon! I want to get down to at least 85 lbs. Here are my stats
Height: 5'5 
CTW: 113 lbs
18.3% Body fat
59.6% Water
B.M.I 18.6%
My goal is to get down to 97lbs by the end of July, and then continue on to my Long term goal of 85lbs after that. My other communities have died and I don't get a lot of support their anymore. Think thin and stay strong!

[March 28th, 2011]

X-POSTED for your enjoyment

So... just to warn you, some of you might describe this as "severe" or "disgusting". But I'm going to post anyways even though those descriptions kinda hurt my feelings, I hope some of you will appreciate it. Sorry if there are any repeats!


Bring on the picturesCollapse )

[January 19th, 2011]

[ mood | annoyed ]

i HATE my biffle sometimes.
he made me feel guilty about what i was doing cause he's the only one who knows.
so i made noodles,...
a whole days progress ruined in less than 5 minutes.
i purged some.. but it prolly didnt help.
im crying.
now my throat hurts.
i DONT want to go back to
showering every night just to purge..
it was the worst ever.
i constantly had a sore throat.
but it was SOOO worth it..
dad's party saturday...
fingers crossed for no eating til monday atleast.


[January 19th, 2011]

[ mood | anxious ]

anyone still alive?


anorexic artwork [February 25th, 2010]

This is the work of an artist who goes by the name Peter Boneskine at Deviantart. As far as I know he was the first to do art with the sole subject being anorexic beauty that posted to the web. I first saw his work as much as 10 years ago, I was completely blown away by it, and it's power has diminished none for me in that time.



Hilde [February 4th, 2010]

A picture set that documents a girls weight loss from 82 to 62 pounds.


The eyes of anorexia [February 4th, 2010]

A womans eyes tell so much about her and her unique beauty, and the beauty of an anorexics eyes have no equal. Her eyes show her physical weakness and fragility, and beg for a loving and gentle hand. But her eyes also show her determination and iron will; proudly defiant in the face of her own languish....


Omars work [October 2nd, 2009]

Almost all of the good skinny photoshop work found on the web was done by a guy named Omar. Here is some of my favorites of his. I hope he come out with more soon.


[August 16th, 2009]

These are from a German tv special. Her name is Sabin, and ironicaly enough her mother is a doctor who works for an eating disorders clinic. I don't know her stats, but she is absolutely stunning. You can watch the tv special by seatching "Dünn bis in den Tod" on youtube.


[August 15th, 2009]

these are pics from a Japanese website that appears to be either sort of a fetish site, or possibly an escort service. I can't read or speak Japanese but her stats are obvious enough on the site, she is 157cm tall, and 30 kgs, or 5'2 66 pounds, and I think 19 years old. She also has a blog which is very regularly updated. If any of you know Japanese feel free to fill us in on the details. I think she is very beautiful.


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