lerch25 (lerch25) wrote in extreme_thinspo,

anorexic artwork

This is the work of an artist who goes by the name Peter Boneskine at Deviantart. As far as I know he was the first to do art with the sole subject being anorexic beauty that posted to the web. I first saw his work as much as 10 years ago, I was completely blown away by it, and it's power has diminished none for me in that time.


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certainly interesting
excellent post, thank you<3

I wish there was more art posts like this.
I do have some more, i will post them pretty soon. If you have found, or made some artwork, I for one would love to see it. :)
I love #3
Yeah, that's also my favorite.
#3 is the greatest...Thanks for the post...
wow, these inspire me in many creative ways. thanks.